CODATA–WDS Task Group on the Validation, Curation, and Management of Citizen Science Data

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Welcome to the wiki page of the CODATA–WDS Citizen Science Task Group (TG)! If you have any comments on our work or are interested in interacting with the TG, please contact rorie 'dot' edmunds 'at' icsu-wds 'dot' org

Current TG Members

Tyng-Ruey Chuang (Co-chair), Caren Cooper (Co-chair), Alex de Sherbinin (Co-chair), Anne Bowser, Peter Brenton, Rorie Edmunds (Secretary), Elaine Faustman, Muki Haklay, Jane Hunter, Puneet Kishor, Te-En Lin, Jean-Bernard Minster, Shadrock Roberts, Norbert Schmidt, Andrea Wiggins


This TG was created to better understand the ecosystem of data-generating citizen science, crowdsourcing, and volunteered geographic information projects (collectively 'CS projects'); to characterize the potential and challenges of these developments for science as a whole, and data science in particular. We are exploring issues surrounding the methods and approaches for validating various streams of CS data, the mechanisms for cleaning and curating the data, and systems in place for the long-term management and dissemination of those data.

During the course of our two-year lifespan, the TG's planned activities include:

  • Identifying the universe of scientifically oriented data-generating CS initiatives and creating a typology of CS data-generating tasks.
  • Of the universe of initiatives, identifying a subset from each type, and interviewing leaders, participants, researchers, and coders, as well as scientists using the data.
  • Generating a white paper, which will subsequently be turned into a journal article surveying the field.
  • Generating a list of best practices for data validation, data documentation, curation, and management that will be promoted in the CS community.

Progress to Date

These activities, milestones, and deliverables have been realized since the initiation of the TG:

January 2017 – Monthly teleconferences commenced.

April 2017 – Final proposal and budget approved by CODATA Executive Committee

May 2017 – Poster presented at CitSci 2017 Conference by TG members (see below), as well as attending a side-meeting by the CS Association (CSA) Metadata and Data Interoperability Working Group.

June 2017 – Completion of a two-part 'typology' that categorizes (1) the universe of CS initiatives as a way of identifying and ensuring that the TG has a representative sample of the different types of projects; and (2) how CS projects address a number of questions/issues related to data stewardship and reuse.

July 2017 – Statement of Work signed by all parties for a Research Fellow to conduct an analysis of CS projects based on the typology and to work on improvements to the SciStarter database.

Participation at CitSci 2017

Caren Cooper and Andrea Wiggins presented a poster on the CODATA–WDS TG at the CitSci Conference 2017 hosted by the CSA (17–20 May 2017, Saint Paul, Minnesota):


The TG has convened for online meetings on the following dates:

  • Telecon #1 – 24 January 2017
  • Telecon #2 – 09 March 2017
  • Telecon #3 – 24 April 2017
  • Telecon #4 – 24 May 2017
  • Telecon #5 – 28 June 2017

Diary of CS Events